Administration & Other Functions


This includes roles in other functions and administration not covered in the other eight areas.  These can be specialist roles and unique positions, or administrative positions.


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Workplace & Culture

We strive to save more lives and prevent serious injuries, and we continuously focus on quality, confidence and security for our customers, stability and growth for our shareholders and employees, as well as being sustainable and earning trust within our communities.

Autoliv India Pvt. Ltd
562114 Chokkahalli Directions View page

Autoliv India Chennai(AIC), Thirumazhisai

Autoliv India Pvt. Ltd
600124 Thirumazhisai Directions +919840554552 View page

Autoliv India(IBE) Manyata Tech Park, Bengaluru

560045 Bengaluru Directions +918095777077 View page

Autoliv India Manesar(AIM), Gurugram

122051 Gurugram Directions +919560490401 View page

Autoliv India Mysore(AIX), Kadakola

Kadakola to Hallidhiddi Road
571302 Kadakola Directions View page


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